JUEST+OPRECHT is a German law firm based in Hamburg. We are active in the field of

(Deutsch) Bankrecht

(Deutsch) Versicherungsrecht

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We are a nationwide law firm with offices in Hamburg, specialising in financial services, consumer protection and property law.

Our main concern is to protect consumers, self-employed clients and middle-sized companies, from the market power of financial institutions and to ensure their stable and strong legal position.

We are passionate about consumer protection and, therefore, in addition to legally enforcing the rights of consumers on an individual basis, we also work to strengthen the system. We campaign with consumer protection organisations for general improvements and provide our expert opinion. We also act as consultants for these organisations and as official experts and appraisers. Thus, not only are we familiar with the quirks of business law, but we also have the necessary expertise to understand and solve the often complex issues arising in the financial world.

As specialists in communicating with financial institutions and handling money world wide, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with banks, insurance companies and financial service providers.

Our clients are consumers and companies who have issues with their banks, mutual savings banks and insurance companies and have not been able to succeed in resolving them without the help of expert legal advice.

Our law firm also provides advice to foreign clients outside Germany who have trouble comprehending the conduct of German banks, along with those who have specific problems as non-German clients living in Germany.

Our lawyers have gained extensive experience from living and working in the USA, Spain, France, Bulgaria and Iran. They have access to respective networks abroad, and are fluent in English, French, Bulgarian and Spanish.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and benefit from our expertise. We will be happy to assist you.

Our name:
JUEST+OPRECHT originates from the north German dialect, Plattdeutch, and means „just upright”. The words “JUEST+OPRECHT” stay for our reputation, our commitment and our work.